Aerial Survey

Aerial Survey

Photogrammetry is a survey technique that allows the data metric acquisition of objects on the ground: position, shape and size, using the information contained in appropriate photographic images of the same objects, taken from different points.
It has a central role in the study, representation and monitoring of the territory.
During its many years of operation, Aeronike has developed and optimized the overall workflow for each project planning in order to guarantee the highest quality control at every stage of the process.



Data Acquisition

  • Flight Mission Planning
  • Images Acquisition
  • Equipment calibration
  • GPS/IMU Calibration
  • Camera Calibration
  • External Orientation (EO) Data Processing
  • Archiving and Backup
  • Cloud Platform


Data Processing

  • EO acquisition from GPS/IMU
  • AT calculation
  •  Improved EO production
  •  Colorbalancing
  •  Images Radiometric regulation
  •  Texturized 3D mesh
  •  Georeferences Images Production
  •  DSM from Dense matching
  •  Manuale Checkup and Revision
  •  Cloud Points
  •  DSM production
  •  Ortophoto
  •  True-orthophoto