City Explorer 3D – Security

A new frontier for real time video surveillance.

City Explorer 3D – Security represents a 3D platform able to integrate different streaming video fluxes from georeferenced video surveillance cameras, within a three-dimensional representation of the specific geographic area under investigation (a specific territory or an urban area).

City Explorer 3D – Security  offers to the operator a 3D environment where freely navigate to visualize either a panoramic or a specific view of the area of interest. The overall scenario will be lively updated, both daily and nightly thanks to sophisticated sensors and customized algorithms.

City Explorer 3D – Security operates within a dedicated GIS platform able to correlate images with all topological and geometrical information on the scene. All details are perfectly geo referenced and measurable.

It supports, assists and simplifies the activities of the specific organizations responsible for monitoring, control and management of the territory in order to guarantee the safety of citizens and the territory itself.

Security e defense goals

Video surveillance

  • Identification of critical situations thanks to sophisticated and customized software algorithms able to generate automatic alarms patterns.
  • Real time monitoring of the evolution of a scene where all the elements are geo-referenced and measurable:
  • People Counting within a crowd
  • People Tracking within a crowd
  • Specific People behaviour monitoring within a crowd
  • Review and ex-post analysis of a specific event of interest

Difference services classifications

Inspection service:

Inspection visit involving a dynamic activity of the surveillance institute’s personnel at a certain target to be checked in. This service is generally carried out at night time.

Transportation of valuables:

This is usually an escort service carried out by armed personnel equipped with a bulletproof vest. The service is carried out with armored vehicles and specific equipment required by law.


Installation of alarm systems inside or near a settlement, a store, a house, usually combined with an anti-intrusion system, according to appropriate standards, connected with the operating room of a private security institute, so as to allow intervention in cases of alarm: in fact, upon receiving an alarm signal from the institute’s central office, an emergency patrol is sent on site in real time.