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We take care of aero photogrammetry and 3D modeling, city tours for documentary and tourism purposes

Founded in 1966, Aeronike is one of the key players in the global market of aerial surveys  Thanks to the drive for innovation of its management team, the company has developed City Explorer 3D, a multifunctional platform based on the virtual reconstruction of urban areas which combines aero photogrammetric contents with a variety of cultural, tourist, security, planning, and monitoring applications. Thanks its innovative features, today City Explorer 3D is a top-notch application which perfectly caters to the needs of smart cities all over the world.

ISO - 9001 certification

Aeronike S.r.l. is an ISO - 9001 certified company for the Quality Management System for remote sensing and cartographic processing services and in every project it carries out planning through a workflow that guarantees quality control at every stage of the process.


Aeronike guides and controls the entire workflow from the management of its fleet (it holds authorizations and certifications for the flight over the entire European territory, with a fleet of 3 Partenavia P68 and Drone Aibot X6) to the aerial survey up to the elaboration of the geographical data .


Aeronike has highly sophisticated and avant-garde technologies that allow the acquisition of very high resolution aerial and terrestrial images, useful for drafting numerical cartography, and detailed representation of the territory and urban landscapes in 3D


Aeronike specializes in aero photogrammetry and 3D modeling useful in territorial planning contexts, realization of city tours for both documentary and tourism purposes. It operates in respect of the health of people, the environment and the quality of the service provided, believing in the quality system and in the certifications related to flight permits that make it expendable with security in the programming of customized divolo plans.

We offer numerous aerial photogrammetric services

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