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City Explorer 3D Security

It is a technological platform of unlimited scalability that provides the integration of data from different video surveillance and remote sensors within the 3D model, providing a real-time visualization of the area under surveillance. The support from the 3D reconstruction completes the cognitive framework of the information coming from the video cameras data and it also allows to foresee the evolution of any critical issues within the related environment thanks to the integration of ad hoc algorithms, giving the possibility to create monitoring paths for specific targets.
The georeferencing process of each video streams within the 3D model facilitates the reading and understanding of the scene. The geolocalization of the video cameras allows the operator to quickly identify the video surveillance camera object of interest.

Video surveillance and remote sensing

It supports, assists and simplifies the activities of the bodies responsible for monitoring, controlling and managing the territory in order to guarantee the safety of citizens and the territory.

Real Time Analysis

By using specific algorithms it is possible to identify environmental criticalities and to create monitoring and surveillance paths for specific targets.

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What are the advantages of using this system?

We analyze the relevant features that make CE3D Security more efficient than normal monitoring and video surveillance systems

Improves response and intervention times:

  • helps the management of security problems and emergency situations thanks to the collection of real-time data, coming from different surveillance and security systems
  • provides a complete overview of all critical details related to the specific situation under monitoring; distributes and collects information for a constantly updated scene

Reduces operating costs:

  • eliminates the need for multiple command centers, it is possible to move from one videosurveillance camera to another in the 3D virtual environment to view live videos and create pan, zoom and tilt in them
  • reconstructs events in a few seconds, thanks to a global model overview able to identify important or dangerous events
  • the operator is not obliged to manually review and correlate the data coming from the different systems, the surveillance of the paths or areas of interest is performed by multiple algorithms

Complements and extends existing security systems:

  • integrates and analyses information from different traditional security systems
  • connects and uses video surveillance systems


The real-time projection of the video images within the virtual environment can be integrated and completed by a 3D GIS database, providing a detailed overview of the territory being monitored.

GIS information can be:
• Geometric: related to the cartographic representation of the objects represented; such as the shape (point, line, polygon), the size and geographical location
• Topological: refer to the mutual relations between objects
• Informative: concerning the data (numerical, textual, etc …) associated with each object.